Originally published on Nov. 21, 2017.

Working in the areas of Complex Needs and Feeding has been an emotional education for me. Until you work with people who are needing to recalibrate their lives in the face of overwhelming circumstance, whilst learning how to apply the advice of several different degree-level specialists, some of whom disagree with each other, you don't have a clue, really.

I consider it part of a Therapist's skill set to sit with you through these times in your life. Not a skill set we are altogether prepared for in our training, it seems to me, but then perhaps no-one can prepare you.

Please know that I do not expect you to use any shred of your precious emotional and physical energy to suppress your feelings during our sessions. Crying is OK. Feeling overwhelmed is OK. Feeling angry is OK. It's all OK.

Sometimes I find in feeding therapy that we don't seem to be able to make progress towards our goals. I sometimes find later that my advice has pushed on an emotional button that a Parent wasn't ready for me to press, and so they haven't been able to implement what I've suggested. That's Ok!

The feeding therapy relationship can be an intense one. It's important to give yourself the emotional space to adjust to the new challenges that you and your family face.

My therapy appointments have that space in them, if you want it.

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