If you support a child with SLCN, it can already be difficult to keep on top of their visual support preparation. In current times, our need to laminate resources has gone through the roof to try an ensure that we can keep resources clean. I don't know about you, but my plastic consumption seems to have increased significantly through the pandemic, which I am not comfortable with. Did you know that you cannot recycle all those laminating pouch cut-offs?

So here are a few products I like to either do away with the need to laminate alogether, or to make laminating quicker and less wasteful. I have linked to some examples of these types of products on Amazon and other places, but I have no affiliation with these specific products!

Cold-seal laminating pouches for ID badges

Don't be fooled, these don't actually need a laminator, despite the name. I was once gifted some of these by someone whose partner used them for making bus passes. They are perfect for quickly laminating those one or two symbols you need, without firing up the laminator or wasting a whole laminating sheet.

Bookmark-style laminating pouches

Did you know you can get laminating pouches that are bookmarked sized? These are brilliant for quickly laminating a few symbols. For example, if you need a visual timetable for a fixed sequence, such as hand-washing (or putting on a mask)/

Vinyl Bookmark sleeves

These are just bookmarked-sized vinyl pockets, ideal for sliding a few symbols into for a quick visual timetable, and they often have a pre-cut hole so you could quickly add them to a keyring.

Dry erase pockets

These are great for slipping worksheets and other paper resources into. You or the child can use a dry-erase pen to make or highlight relevant information, and then just wipe it off later. Save on photocopying, laminating and cleaning time!

Name badge holders can also be pressed into service to hold visuals, and you can easily add them to a lanyard!

What products have you found to free yourself from constant laminating?

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