The Autumn term is a time when we are getting to know the children, whether they are new to the school, or just to your class.

As you complete your observations and assessments, it is also a good time to think about screening children for Speech and Language needs. This will help you to identify children who need extra support, organise in-school individual or group interventions, and make appropriate referrals.

Screening tools are often designed to be used by non-SLTs, but many schools involve Therapists for tasks around the screening process, such as:

- Carrying out the screening

-Training staff members to carry out and interpret the results of screening tools

-Guide schools to appropriate evidence-based screening tools and interventions

-Training staff to deliver those interventions and capture meaningful outcomes

-Supporting you to make high quality referrals to NHS services

This post is an overview of some of the screening tools that are widely used in the UK. I have no affiliations with any particular screening tool. It is not an exhaustive list, just the tools that are mentioned most often in my working life. All these tools are reputable screening tools, and evidence-based.

- Teddy Talk Test (designed for children 18 months - 5 years)

-WellComm (Early Years and Primary packages are available)

Wellcomm is both a screening tool and an intervention tool as it is designed to guide staff to targeted activities to use with children

-The Communication Trust has developed a set of progression tools for ICAN that cover Early Years through to secondary

Your Local Authority or NHS Speech and Language Therapy Department may also provide tools in some cases.

What screening tools are you using in your school?


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