Introduction to SLCN: Ready-made Powerpoint for SENCOs

Got an inset coming up?

Want a session that is evidence-based, practical and easy to deliver?

This done-for-you Powerpoint presentation will give you everything you need.

Suitable for Primary Educators, including TAs

Designed to last about an hour

Includes printable handouts

Buy for £6 here

Drip-fed Speech and Language CPD by email

Wish it were easier to get staff onboard with supporting Speech, Language and Communication Needs in your school?

Wish staff understood that when they teach in a way that supports children's Speech and Language, they are supporting ALL children?

Never get enough time to deliver CPD sessions, and when you do, don’t get enough time to prep?

Wish it were all just easier?

We all know that delivering key ideas around Speech and Language Needs (SLCN) to staff on the occasional twilight session or inset day is a drop in the ocean when it comes to creating change in the classroom.

Just as with the children, us adults need to hear things multiple times before they ‘stick’.

That’s why I developed ‘Drip-fed Speech and Language CPD by email’.

It’s a series of emails that turn up in your inbox once a half-term (6 a school year altogether), and all you have to do is email it out to your staff mailing list.

All for £10. Click here to buy