Direct Speech Therapy Services

Information to help you decide if private Speech Therapy is for you

Not sure if private Speech and Language Therapy is right for you?

I work with children from birth through their teenage years with a range of communication needs.

I can support you with:

  • Speech sound difficulties - where your child is hard for you or other people to understand
  • Early stammering - if your child has started to stammer in the preschool period, I can help you to manage this and support you into specialist services locally if difficulties become long term
  • Comprehension difficulties - for example, your child might find it hard to follow instructions, or to remember what they have been told
  • Late talking- where your child is not talking, or not using as many words as you see their friends doing
  • Suspected or already diagnosed Autism - perhaps your child is waiting for a diagnosis and you would like to know how to work with them. Or you would like to 'top up' the support you are receiving from your local services
  • Learning disability and its impacts on communication and learning - this may be associated with a specific diagnosis such as Down Syndrome or developmental delay, or you may not have a formal diagnosis
  • Developmental Language Disorder - if you suspect, or your child has been diagnosed with DLD and you would like more help
  • Difficulties developing skills that are important for communication and learning, such as gesture, attention and play skills
  • Advice on the local pathways for services and diagnoses - helping you to make referrals, for example, or to understand your options when it comes to getting support
  • Social understanding and friendship skills
  • Persistent difficulties with classroom learning and with literacy- I can help you and a child's school to understand if there is a language issue impacting on their learning and literacy, and what appropriate courses of support might be for the child.

"You're amazing at your job and have been since we've known you. Your ability to understand J and to provide the best guidance and support in just about every aspect of his life, just keeps coming from you"

Mandy, Parent of a child with complex feeding and communication challenges, Herefordshire

If you are interested in private Therapy services, the first step is to drop me an email to [email protected]. I will book a free phonecall with you to discuss your needs and whether I am the right person to help you. The call is no obligation and no pressure.

At the end of the call, if you want to proceed with an assessment, I will talk to you about initial costs. Following the initial assessment, I will make a recommendation about ongoing treatment options, including directing you to one of my Therapy packages below. At all times I will try to support you to make the best decisions for your child. I recognise that Therapy costs can be a source of worry, and we can always discuss different ways to get the best outcomes for your child within your budget.

initial assessment

Initial Assessment

£160 pre-school child
£200 school-aged child

An initial assessment can happen face-to-face at your home, child's school or Nursery if you live in Herefordshire or surrounding areas.

Assessment will typically comprise:

  • A detailed discussion with you about your concerns and your child's history
  • Informal and/or formal assessment through a variety of means
  • Feedback to you about my findings, and my recommendations
  • A written report

Face-to-face typical assessments typically take about an hour.

image of head with trees to represent pick a therapist's brain

Pick a Therapist's brain

£30 for 30 minutes

This is not the same as the free initial phonecall where we discuss whether to book an assessment. This is a 30 minute phone or online call if you just need to talk something through. Perhaps you would like to discuss your child and see if they are on track? Maybe you have a specific question you need advice on? Or you would like someone to spend time going through a report with you to answer your questions?

This could be a good way to get advice from a Therapist without a full assessment. If the outcome of a call ends up being that you book a full assessment with me, then I will deduct the cost of this call from your assessment cost.

Just drop me an email at [email protected] with the subject heading 'Picking your brain' to book a slot.

direct Speech therapy, woman blowing bubbles

Direct 1:1 Therapy £85 an hour

This is a pay-as-you-go option, where direct work between your child and the Therapist is the best option (as recommended by me, based on your child's assessment). Therapy sessions are typically an hour, to include time spent feeding back to the most appropriate adult. This service is available face-to-face within Herefordshire and surrounding areas.

You receive written notes from every session, and materials and/or strategies and ideas so you can practise skills between sessions.

We typically agree a set number of sessions together to work on a target, and then we will review progress and Therapy recommendations

"I cannot recommend Angharad highly enough. She is an extremely knowledgeable, positive, approachable professional who has helped me endlessly with my daughter. Her knowledge and understanding of the challenges and difficulties my daughter is experiencing is outstanding. She has undoubtedly helped us enormously to understand my daughter and her behaviours, giving me strategies to try to help and the patience to be there to answer any questions when we are trying to find ways to use them.  She is so kind and positive, understanding how challenging it is for us parents too, always making me feel better, like I am doing alright, giving me confidence in myself when I am doubting myself. She is always available for advice or just to sound ideas, feelings off. To be honest I know we are only at the beginning of a long process, but I don’t know how we would have managed to get this far without her. She has bought us relief which has empowered us, giving us the strength to support our daughter and the belief in, yes we do know our own child. Angharad has been a real beacon of light that things can get better with understanding and educating people within our daughter’s life. She has given me hope that my daughter will get the support and understanding she needs and deserves."

Paul & Jenny Luntley, Herefordshire

woman stands at a table talking, whilst adults sitting at the table listen

Family workshops

From time to time, I run workshops for families of children with communication needs.

These are opportunities for you to come and meet other families, and to learn skills to help you at home.

They can also be a good place to start if Therapy costs are out-of-reach for your family at the moment, as I am aware that the current financial situation is extremely challenging.

For the latest workshop information, keep an eye on my social media pages on Facebook and Instagram