Find the Key Speech and Language Therapy can provide a range of services to your mainstream or specialist setting or school. I am based in Herefordshire and can deliver services to surrounding counties including Powys.

What are the benefits of contracting your own Speech and Language Therapist on a regular basis?

  • Can meet a wider range of need than those met by statutory NHS services
  • Can liaise with your local NHS Therapy team
  • More flexible service delivery, in terms of time and location
  • Children and young people are not absent from school for appointments
  • Children and young people are not discharged for non-attendance
  • Speech and Language Therapist is on-site to work with staff on the issues that really impact on children and young people's educational attainment and functional skills
  • You have control over issues such as who is prioritised, how needs are met and what level of information you receive about the child's needs
  • When you work with me, you have access to my Early Years training membership, giving you and your staff access to a wide range of training at your convenience
  • Access to a wide range of Therapy resources, and support in knowing when to invest in resources and programmes in school- make informed decisions with your SEN budget!

Meet your children's communication needs and get on with all the other tasks you need to accomplish!

What kind of services can be offered in school?

Services are flexible and can be fully customised to your setting or school's circumstances. Some examples:

  • Support to develop your school as a 'Total Intervention environment', with robust identification, effective interventions and comprehensive staff training to help your staff to understand how to embed SLCN support throughout the curriculum.
  • Whole school services - a complete therapy service for your school.
  • Screening services to help you and your staff to accurately identify SLCN
  • One-off or ad-hoc assessments or therapy for children
  • Assessment- from basic assessment through to formal complex assessments to support funding requests including EHCP
  • Direct Therapy: 1:1 or group
  • Support to develop the ability to run high quality 1:1 and group therapies in-house
  • Support to measure impact of interventions
  • Training for SENCOs, Teachers and Teaching Assistants to improve practise at the universal, targeted and specialist levels- from informal sessions to fully accredited Elklan training, to meet your needs
  • Support with differentiation and developing in-school resources for your long-term use
  • Supporting you to identify sources of support and make high quality referrals to statutory or non-statutory services including NHS Speech Therapy, Educational Psychology, CAMHS etc

Practical, realistic services that work in your setting


Regular Therapy services, commissioned for the whole school year or part-year

Whole day (6 hours) £300

Have a Speech and Language Therapist on-site on a regular basis, so we can meet your goals for your SLCN together! I recommend a day a week for larger primary schools, and it may be suitable for smaller schools if you have a lot of SLCN.

If you need a more flexible package, please contact me to discuss your requirements as a school on [email protected]

One-off or ad-hoc assessment/Therapy costs

If you need to buy services for individuals, for example, children with specified SALT provision in their EHCP but where this is not provided by local services.

£150 for assessment and brief report

£200 for assessment and detailed report (e.g. suitable for funding requests/EHCP)

£75 for targets, programmes and resources on an ad-hoc basis

£75 an hour or pro rata for other ad-hoc services (e.g, therapy, reviews, attendance at meetings)

Travel costs to your setting from my base in Leominster at 45p per mile

Additional costs may be applied to journeys of over 45 minutes, please contact me for a detailed quotation

I believe strongly in empowering staff to be effective in delivering communication goals. Invest in your staff's skills and knowledge to meet your SLCN effectively and maximise the benefits of the costs involved in contracting a Speech and Language Therapy service

If you have questions, or would like to discuss the needs of your setting in more detail, please contact me via email on [email protected] We can arrange a phone conversation or visit to your setting at your convenience. Any discussions or visits to explore your needs are free and no obligation.

I look forward to working with you!

About me

I am an experienced Speech and Language Therapist with a Specialist background in Complex Needs and Disability. This means that I am equipped to support you with the full range of developmental needs, from the most complex to more common childhood communication difficulties.

In my independent work in schools, I am most happy when I am working with SENCOs to build sustainable SLCN systems in their schools. This means helping you to set up or tweak your systems to:

- Identify SLCN consistently

- Run consistent effective interventions that you can track progress on

-Build skills and knowledge in your staff, to develop understanding of SLCN, how it presents and impacts in the classroom, and how you can support learners through embedded strategies and whole class approaches

I am collaborative, a problem-solver and a self-starter, so I will work with you to develop realistic, sustainable shared goals for your SLCN provision and the steps that will get us there.

I understand the huge challenge that meeting your SLCN in school can be, and I am passionate about supporting your setting to be the best place it can be for your children's communication and attainment.