Face to face services might be for you if:

  •    Your child is having some feeding or communication difficulties, and your local NHS services have not been able to help, or give contradictory advice.
  •    You are waiting for an NHS service to support feeding or communication, and would like some support whilst you wait.
  •    You would like to buy additional support for your child, or support that is more flexible in terms of location.

 I specialise in working with children with communication problems that are part of developmental delays, or specific syndromes such as Down Syndrome. If I do not feel I am the appropriate person to support your child, I will try to direct you to a Therapist with the right skills.

 I can offer feeding and communication services to your child at home, in Nursery, or in school. I offer services in Herefordshire and the surrounding counties.

 Assessments start at £130. Other services cost £65 an hour. Please contact me for a free discussion of your child's needs, and I can provide you with a more detailed idea of costs.