Weekly Therapy services

for your Herefordshire setting

Herefordshire Speech therapy services in schools

Who needs weekly Therapy services?

Weekly Therapy services are suitable for larger schools, or smaller schools with an above-average amount of SLCN.

Weekly Therapy services look to meet your goals as a school, and these will be agreed with you.

Weekly Therapy services are especially well-suited to supporting you to build and implement systems in your school that help you:

  • Identify SLCN through screening
  • Understand who needs referral into local services, and when
  • Know what interventions you need as a setting
  • Train staff to deliver interventions effectively
  • Train all staff to build their knowledge and skills, so that every part of your day is supporting your students with SLCN, not just your direct intervention time
  • Put direct Specialist Therapy just where you need it

Building long-term capacity around your school's SLCN needs is an investment in your setting, your children and your staff.

"Since working with Angharad, the outcomes for pupils in our school have increased significantly. Her service is by far the best value for money resource I have bought into as a SENDCo and her friendly and knowledgeable approach means she fits well into our team. I would not hestitate to recommend her to anyone"

Kate Mason, SENDCo, Ledbury Primary School


Whole day a week (6 hours onsite) £350 a day

payable half-termly, in advance

Half-day a week (3 hours onsite) £185 a half-day, payable half-termly in advance

To decide if this is the right package for your setting, book a call at [email protected]